Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tool 8 - Taking a Look at the Tools

As a Special Education teacher I will have an ipod available for shared use with my team. My librarian allowed me to check out one of the school's ipods over the summer so I could become familiar with it. I was really glad I did that because it was very helpful to have the ipod in hand while watching the 11 tools tutorial video. I think that before watching the video, the only thing I knew how to do on the ipod was to turn it on. So, everything was new to me but to list a few pieces of new learning: I learned how to drag the screen to choose an app; I learned how to sync the device to my laptop; and I learned how to set up a wireless network.

The first thing that came up in my mind in terms of management was how to schedule and share the device between the teachers on the Special Ed team. We may need to have an ipod calendar so that teachers can designate the times that they would like to use them in their classrooms. Working with small groups makes student management a little bit easier. But, I think that it would be important to come up with a list of rules and procedures for proper use of the device with the students. Then, to remind students of our agreements each time the ipod is used and have the list posted for easy reference.

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