Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tool 10 - Digital Citizenship

The three most important things I think my students should understand about digital citizenship are these:
1. We don't want to restrict the students to keep them safe but rather we want them to understand digital citizenship so they can be safe and knowledgeable and get out there and explore and access information responsibly.
2. Once you post or send your thoughts online, they are there forever! Be very careful with your word and message choice. Once the button is clicked, you can't get those words back.
3. Don't believe everything that you see in print, online or on paper. Check the source or use multiple sources to crosscheck information.

I think that I will share Vicki Davis' matrix with the students. We could define, share background knowledge and discuss the four pieces: Safety, Literacy, Learning Strategies and Etiquette. We could post the matrix on the wall as a visual reminder.

A brief letter home to the parents would communicate what the students learn and encourage them to continue the conversation on digital citzenship at home.

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