Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tool 11 - Assessment and Reflection

This was quite a learning experience! My eyes have definitely been opened to several new tools that I can easily incorporate into classroom lessons and learning activities. My favorite tools in my "toolbox" are Edmodo,, ipods, Studyladder, ClockMaster, animoto and wordle. I think I'm looking forward most to using videos from youtube or discovery education in flip charts to introduce / review concepts and aid student motivation.

My vision for the classroom has changed in that I see how easy it would be to incorporate many of these tools. I thought it would tedious to figure out how to use and implement them, but it really wasn't. It would be nice to share ideas as a team at our weekly team meetings while we are all learning and implementing new tools.

I think the only unexpected outcome I had was the easy access to the tools. I was intimidated at first, but pleasantly surprised.

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